Word from GM

G and E was born as a hard landscape contractor back in June 1984. In those days, planter drainage and soil clogging were consistent problems, until geotextile appeared. Since this debut, I became fascinated and obsessed with this polymeric fabric, eventually turned geosynthetics into the company’s core business. In the next 35 years, I had never stopped pursuing its excellence. Geosynthetics grew from virtually unknown to being used in almost all projects. Over these years, 64.5 million units of geosynthetic material have passed through our distribution network.


G and E has now established representation with more than 30 globally renowned manufacturers covering the entire range of geosynthetics and some specialized products. From the early 1990’s, our portfolio extended from being a trader to specialist supplier, provider of engineering solution, application designer, material testing coordinator, installation contractor and lately customized fabricator.


Our enthusiasm and passion have never been distracted, and the spirit will help advance the versatility of geosynthetics, by engaging the professionals, bringing in innovations, sharing our knowledge and experience. G and E is dedicated to perfect competent service to our clients, to excel with our principals together and to foster closer development with the younger generation.


Gary Ng

General Manager

29 June 2019