We assist client with engineering solution proposal to target particular project encounter.  Our service covers problem assessment, solution conceptualization, design presentation, material application & selection, calculation & drawing preparation, mock up modeling, testing,  approval solicitation, method statement and construction liaison.


We have partnered with Vista Consulting Engineers Limited (Vista); a local “boutique” consulting civil, geotechnical and environmental engineering firm; on project consultancy works.  Together with Vista, we are able to offer a broad spectrum of design services, ranging from engineering applications, construction installation, quality control and quality assurance as well as material compliance verification in related to waste disposal landfill engineering; all-types of geosynthetic materials and their uses; and rockfall and debris flow barriers.


Venetian Lining System Drawing


 Self Photos / Files - Lining system settlement accommodation design at Venetian Lagoon 2007


Rockfall Barrier Design

Self Photos / Files - Flexible Barrier



Hanging Type Silt Curtain

Self Photos / Files - Typical_silt_curtain-1