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G and E Company was founded in June 1984 as a contractor in civil engineering works. During that period, the application of geosynthetics found its debut and its versatility was quickly appreciated. In 1987, an agreement was reached with the then US manufacturer, Amoco Fabrics & Fibers, for the distribution of geotextiles in Hong Kong. Since then, the company never turns back on the specialization of geosynthetics.


Over the years, the company has established distributorship with a great many renowned worldwide manufacturers, at the same time, developed a competent installation contracting service. Today, with multi million square meters of installation experience, G and E is looking forward to taking on any geosynthetics challenge with well-organized logistics, swift mobilization of a well-trained crew and an enviable client satisfactory record. To better serve our clients, engineering design service is added to our portfolio. It is our goal that we can provide comprehensive solutions to our clients, from the application and design, to the supply and fabrication of materials, to their installation, as well as the testing and commissioning.




The Company takes a strong vision on geosynthetics advancement with latest technology and view of sustainability by working closely with international engineers, academic experts and worldwide groups of interest in the industry, a mission to broaden the versatility of geosynthetics diversification.


In the past 35+ years, G and E had established a remarkable successful working relationship with a long list of clients, the Government, project owners, institutions, contractors, designers, consultant engineers, maintenance authority, overseas distributors and traders. The client base extends to Macau, Southeast Asia, and Southern China, hopefully you are our next guest.


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