22nd November, 2018
2019 Calendar
You may not be aware that we have started distributing our 2019 desk calendar which has the month of December 2018 to bring forward your early 2019 importance. There is a small circulation list, and sorry, some of our associates and...| View More |
2nd August, 2018
11th International Geosynthetics Conference
The 11th International Geosynthetics Conference (www.11icg-seoul.org) will be held in Seoul in this September, with International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) as auspices. This is worldwide gathering every 4 years during which latest...| View More |
31st July, 2018
Supply of Silt Curtain System
We have joined force with a Korean manufacturer on the fabrication of silt curtain system that comes completed with floats, curtain, ballast, shackles and accessories. We design and customize the system to be applied to confine works area,...| View More |
31st July, 2018
We are introducing a dust control water soluble compound, Dustex, to optimize watering operation. Dustex is a calcium lignosuphonate based natural polymer derived from wood that is a superb binder of dust. It offers excellent dust...| View More |
12th June, 2018
A Day with Geosynthetics, June 6, 2018
G and E sponsored a full day CPD program titled “A Day with Geosynthetics” on June 06, 2018. It was attended by over 120 participants from CEDD, consultants to contractors, and majority of them being young engineers. Eight...| View More |
16th April, 2018
How does Geotextile, Geogrid, Geosynthetics Work – Hands on Experience
In late 60’s, the introduction of engineered synthetics, geosynthetics, into soil was a major breakthrough in improving soil behavior. While the classic soil mechanics from Coulomb, Rankine and Terzaghi have never changed,...| View More |