17th July, 2020
Hydrocell – Rigid Drainage Cell
Hydrocell is a unique modular drainage system designed to distribute and support vehicle and landscape loads, whilst maintaining a positive drainage path for collection and discharge of water. It comes in 600 mm x 500 mm panel size with...| View More |
16th July, 2020
Flexible Rope Net Gabion
Gabion sack made from HDPE rope net is now available from India. Non-corrosive rope in braided twine and weaved into sack in pillow, cylindrical or conical shape that can carry 2T, 4T and 8T loading. Small stones can be filled off site,...| View More |
16th July, 2020
In line with our expansion and perfecting our service, we have relocated our warehouse to a more spacious environment where a larger inventory becomes more manageable, fabrication yard is more equipped and research & development becomes...| View More |
11th June, 2020
We have included in our portfolio Glasgrid, which is commonly used in transition between concrete and flexible pavements. Highway Department has detailed typical drawing H 1110B. This type of fibre glass geogrid is produced by Tensar,...| View More |
21st April, 2020
Quality Geosynthetic Clay Liner from China
Tianjin Zhonglian Gelin Science and Technology Development Co Ltd has set up a division to expand their international business. After more than 10 years manufacturing GCL for domestic market and working on OEM production, a subsidiary is...| View More |
6th April, 2020
Product Portfolio
For 35 years, we have been distributing geotextiles, designing with geogrid and installing geomembrane. Our scope expands and a large variety of material were introduced since. We have consolidated and updated the product catalogue into a...| View More |