10th November, 2023
12th International Conference on Geosynthetics in Rome, 17 – 21 September 2023
Over 600 delegates from 50 countries and 74 international exhibitors attended the 4 days conference with the theme on “Sustainability”, “Resiliency”. Geosynthetics leads the way to a resilient planet. Eight keynote...| View More |
29th March, 2023
GeoAsia 7
GeoAsia 7, the 7th Asian geosynthetics conference was twice postponed for 20 months to November 2022 when Taiwan opened up the pandemic restriction. The conference brings about the advancement of geosynthetics with focuses on the...| View More |
29th March, 2023
Build4Asia 2022
We took part in the 3 days trade show on 16-18 November, even though Covid 19 was still looming. The face mask was a drawback to personal contact and intimate discussion. While the visitor traffic was not particular heavy, there was...| View More |
24th March, 2023
Tensar Visit
Mangesh Shinda, East Asia and India Director and Lau Joe Jiunn, Design Manager spent 16th and 17th March in Hong Kong introducing the new reinforcement geogrid ‘InterAx’ and the concept of design with focus on the improved soil...| View More |
7th November, 2022
Build4Asia 2022 on 16 - 18 Nov 2022
We are exhibiting! Come visit us at booth no 1D-227 in Hall 1, HKCED. Get to know more about our geosynthetics and landscaping products, and how we can support your needs at site. Looking forward to seeing you at the event.| View More |
21st October, 2022
Conductive Geotextile
Special conductive composite that combines a thin conductive film with a needle punched non-woven geotextile is now available. A standard cushion geotextile is made with a conductive bottom layer which facilitates electrical leak location...| View More |