7th August, 2017
Presto Geoterra
Presto, USA has developed Geoterra - a structural ground surface reinforcement plastic interlocking panel system to allow some of the heaviest construction traffic (truck, crane, excavator etc…) to run through soft subgrade, wet...| View More |
29th June, 2017
Geosynthetic Cementations Composite Mat - New Concrete Lining
In March 2017, we came into a distributorship arrangement with Concrete Canvas Ltd in UK to bring Concrete Canvas into Hong Kong. Concrete canvas (Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat, GCCM) is a flexible, concrete and fiber...| View More |
29th June, 2017
Replacement of MacTex MXL series by MacTex N-series
Maccaferri geotextile MacTex MXL series will be withdrawn from production and replaced by Maccaferri MacTex N series. This is to standardize Maccaferri geotextile products, in line with worldwide codification and manufacturing network....| View More |
22nd May, 2017
ACETube – New Sand Color Now Available
Geotextile tube is widely used in marine engineering, for application in coastal protection, revetment, breakwater, jetty, groyne and seawall. It is basically a large bag fabricated from geotextile in which sand can be filled and confined...| View More |
2nd February, 2017
HDPE Durability
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Geomembrane has been widely used in sewerage and water containment since the 60’s. One concern is the long term durability, particularly in UV exposure condition. We are planning to evaluate the...| View More |
30th December, 2016
Silt Curtain
Team up with Korean manufacturers to design and fabricate silt curtain in accordance to specific environmental condition & requirement. The targets are durability, ease of installation and the least maintenance, and the merits are...| View More |