Technical Support

Apart from design service, we also provide technical support to the handling and knowhow with the material, the installation method statement preparation, the fabrication recommendation to other usable form, the on site application guidance and the blending into other construction activities.


In Association with HOKLAS MRA Laboratory for Specialty Test

Self Photos / Files - In Association with HOKLAS MRA laboratory for specialty test

Product Development Trial at Factory

Self Photos / Files - Product development trial at factory


Technical Presentation at GEO

Self Photos / Files - Technical presentation at GEO


11th International Conference of Geosynthetics in Korea on 16-18 Sep 2018

Self Photos / Files - Seoul Training


Tensile Testing

Self Photos / Files - 20150306_113653


Hydraulic Permeability Testing

Self Photos / Files - Tenax Tianjin Transmissivity tester 006


Geotextile Prototype Trial

 Self Photos / Files - IMAG0386


Geobag trial

 Self Photos / Files - Geobag Trial_n