A variety of geosynthetics are ideal for landscaping and roof garden applications. There is HDPE membrane for root barrier, light weight non-woven geotextile for planter drainage, Roofdrain for drainage and water retention, Deckdrain for ground drainage and heavy non-woven geotextile for moisture retention.

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ABG Deckdrain 1250S/NW8
ABG Deckdrain 1250SXD/NW8
ABG Roofdrain
BOSTD E’Grid Geocell
CCM 700 Biodegradable Erosion Mat
Global Synthetics Hydrocell
Global Synthetics ProTank
Ground Anchor
Kaytech Megaflo
Presto Geoblock
Solmax HDPE Pond Lining
Solmax HDPE Root Barrier
Tenax Multimat 100