Erosion Control
GE 2013 27 20151231_155043 erosion control

A 3 dimensional net that keeps surface soil from being washed away by rain, wind, hydraulic action or other external forces. The material can be made from biodegradable jute or coir mat or non biodegradable polymeric mesh, cellular confinement system or steel wire mesh system that complement well with vegetation establishment. Concrete mattress, concrete liner and articular block mat are particularly favorable in situation when heavy hydraulics is a concern.

CCM Coir Mat
Concrete Canvas
Concrete Canvas CCX
Freudenberg (Low & Bonar) Enkamat
Garware PP Rope Gabion
Maccaferri FlexMac
Maccaferri Gabion and Reno Mattress
Maccaferri HEA Panel
Maccaferri Steelgrid
Maccaferri Wire Mesh
Presto Geoblock
Tenax Multimat
Underwater Gabion