12th June 2018
A Day with Geosynthetics, June 6, 2018

G and E sponsored a full day CPD program titled “A Day with Geosynthetics” on June 06, 2018.  It was attended by over 120 participants from CEDD, consultants to contractors, and majority of them being young engineers.

Eight speakers with expertise in various fields shared their knowledge and experiences on:

  • Use of Geosynthetics in Hong Kong
  • Geosynthetics Cementitious Composite Mat (GCCM)
  • Steel Cable Rock Mesh – Active Slope Protection
  • CQA Conformance Testing Practice for Geosynthetics
  • Prefabricated Band Drain Installation
  • Design with Drainage Geocomposite
  • Permanent Leak Location Liner System for Environmental Containments
  • Reinforce Soil with Geosynthetics

Instead of just a straight forward presentation learning process, the seminar composed of three interactive sessions where participants can see, touch, work on and even take home with, the many geosynthetics mentioned during the presentation.  What’s more, the experts on each field were there to introduce and explain to the participants and to demonstrate to them how each works. I am sure each participant will take home much more than they anticipated.

For those who want the presentations of the speakers or wish to have a similar hands-on workshop at your institute, please write to us at info@g-and-e.com.