5th March 2018
How does Geotextile, Geogrid, Geosynthetics Work – Hands on Experience

In late 60’s, the introduction of engineered synthetics, geosynthetics, into soil was a major breakthrough in improving soil behavior. While the classic soil mechanics from Coulomb, Rankine and Terzaghi have never changed, adaptations to these fundamental principles have been developed taken into consideration of geosynthetics. Here is an occasion where you will be able to appreciate various types of geosynthetics, their characteristic, application, design, case history and limitation.

Eight sections will be presented in a full day CPD curriculum by experts from the field, to cover an overview & history, conductive HDPE waterproofing membrane, geosynthetic cementitious composite mat, prefabricated band drain, slope protection steel cable mesh, international conformance testing, drainage geocomposite and reinforced earth construction development. Invitation will be announced shortly through CPD program organizer Advanced Technovation. For details in advance, get in touch with nannettegary@g-and-e.com or wing@g-and-e.com.