29th January 2018
Coming Geosynthetic Training Day

Soil mechanics follows the works of Coulomb, Rankine and Terzaghi. The classic principles stay the same in geotechnical engineering ever since. In the 60’s, the introduction of engineered synthetics into soil was a breakthrough in soil improvement, filtering, separation, reinforcement, erosion control, permeability etc., so much so, new concept and design have been incorporated.

We are sponsoring a one-day CPD curriculum where you will get a closer hand on experience with these synthetics.  The date is set for 6th June 2018, invitation and details will follow. Eight experts in the field will present topics with an overview of geosynthetics, conductive waterproofing membrane, concrete canvas, prefabricated band drain, articulating block mat, geosynthetics testing, geocomposite design and reinforced fill construction. Mark your calendar. More to follow.