29th June 2017
Geosynthetic Cementations Composite Mat - New Concrete Lining

In March 2017, we came into a distributorship arrangement with Concrete Canvas Ltd in UK to bring Concrete Canvas into Hong Kong.

Concrete canvas (Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat, GCCM) is a flexible, concrete and fiber impregnated geotextile that hardens on hydration to form a scrim of strong, durable, waterproof and fire resistant concrete layer. It is essentially concrete in a roll, developed and patented in 2010 in UK.  

Concrete Canvas is ideal for establishing a quick layer of concrete for slope protection, erosion control, ditch lining, concrete structure remediation or culvert lining, particularly in small quantity of work at remote locations with difficult access and limited space.

The roll conforms to irregular profile very well, being as easy to install as geotextile. Once unrolled, water can be applied and concrete canvas will set in 24 hours like concrete, continuing to gain strength to 40 MPa. It exhibits all concrete performance characteristics.