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Look Back at the Last 4 Decades


I started the company as a small contractor in June 1984, at a time when geosynthetics was virtually unknown. I brought in geotextile as a soil filter alternative and its welcome was inspiring.

G and E began the successful journey of distributing geotextile, geomembrane, geogrid, geocomposite, geocell and the entire family of geosynthetics. Over the years, G and E has taken up design, installations, and fabrications, excels in applications, innovations, and development, provides efficient logistics and warehousing, and has become a comprehensive engineering solution provider.

I am proud to see a humble trader transformed into one of the most prominent suppliers here. By December 2023, we have seen over 82 million m2/units of geosynthetics delivered through our network in 2,464 projects to 500 plus customers.

With a competent and experienced team of staff, I am confident our expertise and dedication will continue to benefit the engineering community and the construction industry in the years to come.